The Sprints

April 24, 2018

Yesterday for P.E  Mr. Barrett’s class went outside to do athletics. everyone was very competitive and the class enjoyed it.





























Sponsored Walk

April 23, 2018

Yesterday most of the students gathered in the school to take part in the sponsored walk. The students walked 5 km each. There was food in the hall after the sponsored walk for all the people who walked. Everybody who walked it had a good time.

Active Homework

April 20, 2018

Every week on Thursday instead of written homework, the students have to do fifteen to twenty minutes of active homework. If the classes do enough active homework they will receive an active school flag. Everybody wants the active school flag and are trying to stay active for longer.

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Letter to the Bishop

April 19, 2018

On Tuesday Sixth class were told to write a letter to the Bishop. In the letter they were meant to explain why they wanted to receive the conformation. Mr. Barrett is hoping to type all the letters before they are sent.

The Match was Called off

April 17, 2018

This morning the school football team came in to school in their gear, but the match was called of as the other schools teacher was sick. All of the parents who had organised the lifts received a phone call. Everyone was disappointed that they could not go.

The Trip To Town

April 16, 2018

On Wednesday the Sixth class are going on a trip to town. The plan is to meet at the M3 Parkway, The train is leaving at nine O’clock, so Mr. Barrett is hoping for everyone to be there at ten to nine. The class will then be visiting the GPO and the Epic Museum.

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