September 28, 2016

Once or twice every week, every class goes to the computer room. They can play educational games such as ‘know your Ireland’ or they can play normal games such as ‘Battleship’. We usually stay in the Computer room for 20 to 40 minutes. The computer room consists of twenty two computers. There is a mouse a keyboard and a pair of headphones with every computer. The young classes such as juniors and seniors play games such ‘Tizzys Toy Box’ and ‘Number Shark’. The older classes use a programming software called ‘Scratch’DSC02787 DSC02788

The Computer Room

The Student Council

September 28, 2016

The Student Council was set up last year by Ms. Kelly to give pupils some authority. It is made up of two pupils from 6th, 5th, 2nd and one pupil from 3rd and one pupil from 4th. The Student Council can come up with ideas such as a Halloween dress up or a something a lot bigger like a drama group coming into school. Last year the student Council set up things like Pancake day where everybody got some pancakes( with some help from the Parents Association).We have also set up a notice board to keep the school updated.DSC02785

Student Council Notice Board


September 26, 2016

Every morning at approximately 10:00 we play a game called ‘Know your Ireland’ or ‘Know your Europe’. This game includes mountains, rivers, lakes and islands. It is an easy way to learn your geography as it gives you a quiz on whatever you want to learn. We play this game on the interactive whiteboard. Mr. Barrett also gives us maps to draw. These can be towns like Wexford or countries like Ireland. We have to include rivers in blue, rural roads in yellow, main roads in orange and symbols such as a cross for a church.

DSC02754 DSC02755

Map of Batterstown(top)          Map of Meath(bottom)


September 26, 2016

On Thursdays Mr. Barrett and our class to do art. The first piece of art we completed was based on perspective. We have interviewed a fifth class pupil “I enjoy doing art because it is a bit more challenging than 4th class but I miss doing clay and painting”. The key objectives to completing a piece of art in  class is to enjoy the art lesson  and produce a finished piece of art that we consider worthwhile.

Tom the Cat

Pilot Visit ✈️✈️✈️

June 23, 2016


On Thursday June 23rd the infant class had a special visitor. John Waldron visited our class to give the children an insight into being a pilot. John is dad to one of our senior infant pupils. He gave a brilliant talk about life as a pilot, planes and his own airline, Ryanair. The children learned so much and were so interested. They even got to role play being a pilot themselves through a super video shown on the interactive whiteboard of one of John’s landings. We certainly have a few budding pilots in years to come!





First And Second Class Tour

June 20, 2016

On Thursday 16th June, we went on our School Tour to the Leisure Park in Drogheda. Some of the activities we did were bowling, bouncing castle, football and playzone. It was so much fun and we even got a treat of slush puppies before we left! 🙂