The Famine

February 8, 2018

Over the week in history Fifth and Sixth have been learning about the famine. In Irish the famine is known as `An Gorta Mor` the counties worst hit by the famine were Rosscommon, Leitrim and Longford. This was mainly because after the famine the people from these counties continued to emigrate. The population fell from 10 million in 1841 to 5 million in 1851, though it is hard to know the exact numbers.Some say 3 million people perished. The famine was also known as the great hunger as there were many other famines. The most recent famine was in 1893. This took place in the west of Ireland. 

Planets for Kids

February 7, 2018

Throughout the week Fifth and Sixth class have been studying the solar system. Planets for kids is a great website that Mr. Barrett introduced. It helps the class to learn about the mass of the planet and where it is placed in the universe and if it is a solid planet or a gas giant. The classes know a lot now and have come very far since they started off earlier in the week.

The Snowy Day

February 6, 2018

Today there was some snow left on the ground from last night. Everyone wanted to play in the snow. Mr. Barrett took all the students in from the yard early. Fifth and Sixty class started to correct their homework early.

Poetry Week

February 5, 2018

Poetry week is a week where throughout the whole school we write and learn poems. Juniors and Seniors will be learning about what makes a poem a poem. While the other classes will be writing poems. There will be stations in the hall. Hopefully everyone will learn about poetry and have a great time.

10 @ 10

February 2, 2018

Every Friday the whole school gather in the school basketball court to do the operation transformation  `10 @ 10`. The exercise encourages the children to do more sport daily. Operation transformation is a great show that runs on RTE One at half past eight. The aim of the show is to help Ireland get healthier and is a great idea.

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The Day Off

February 1, 2018

Yesterday there was no school for any of the students but the teachers were in school. Everyone had a great way to spend the day off. No other schools in the area were off as they decided to take their in service day before hand. All primary schools have their day off but have either not used it or have already taken it.